Wedding Cakes:


Commission: Red and White Rose Naked Weding Cake

Red and White Rose Naked Wedding Cake.


This is the second commissioned Wedding Cake this year.


This is a tall, three tired red velvet cake filled with chocolate chip cookie dough.


The three tires are 8", 6", and a special size 5" round cake, each with four layers of cake and three layers of filling.


The design is again a "naked" cake, which leaves the handmade red and white fondant roses as the decoration.


This cake is 15 hours of work, 5 and a half alone for modelling the roses by hand.


Making cakes is no cake walk!

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Commission: Three-Tired Naked Fruit Wedding Cake

Three-Tired Wedding Cake decorated with Fondant Flowers and Fruit.

This is the first of two Wedding Cakes I was asked to make this month!


It's a lovely three-tired cake. The first and third tier are chocolate sponge filled with cookie dough. They are 6" and 10", respectively. The second tier is red velvet filled with cookie dough and 8".


The "naked" (without fondant) cake design is currently very popular. Each tier is glazed with semi-sweet chocolate ganache. 


The fondant flowers and leaves are based on the flowers and colour scheme used for the invitations. They were all hand made. 


The fruits are blueberries, figs, raspberries, red grapes and physalis.

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Mini Black & Gold Cakes-England Edition:

Mini Black & Gold Cakes.

 These are two approximately 10x10 chocolate sponge cakes. Both have three layers of sponge and one is filled with whipped cream and the other with whipped cream and milk chocolate ganache. 
Both were dirty-iced in milk chocolate ganache and then covered with black fondant.
The roses and deco are made out of golden gum paste.
(Also the small Cake Box I bought for them has really tall sides which is super for                                                                                                decorated cakes!)

The England Edition Series refers to Cake Projects I made while in England without my usual Cake supplies.

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Commission: Three tiered Film/TV Cake

Three tiered Film/TV Cake.

Yesterday was basically my prom night so of course I had to bake a cake to celebrate the occasion.


Our motto was ABI at Prime Time (2015) and we had a white TV as a logo on our T-shirts and stuff...

The cake's theme is based on this motto, even though it is a bit more cinema than television...

The cake itself was a 6" vanilla sponge filled with whipped cream, a 10" red velvet cake filled with cookie dough and a 14" chocolate cake filled                                                                   with chocolate ganache.

(It was also 40°C/104°F  yesterday which still is not a great time to bake and transport a three tiered cake!) 

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Caramel Buttercream on Chocolate Cupcakes:

Caramel Buttercream on Chocolate Cupcakes.


So, I really wanted to try to incorporate my home made caramel into a cupcake frosting.

Since I'm not a big fan of buttercream I wasn't too sure about this one, but I used about half a cup of vegetable shortening and half a cup of butter with about 1 1/2 - 2 cups of homemade                                                                         caramel sauce (sugar and milk                                                                               cooked about an hour and a half).

The consistency was great, I really enjoyed piping on the cupcakes, but taste wise I'm still not sold on buttercream...

This was also my first try at making a buttercream rose...

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Flowery Jewellery-Box Cake :

Flowery Jewellery-Box Cake.

Soo today was my last official day of school, so to celebrate I though I should make a really pretty cake. I had yet to use my button-silicone moulds and I thought I could do a sewing kit/jewellery box kind of thing and, to give it a little something, add a bunch of flowers...

It took me quite a while to place all of the flowers and buttons and such which made this a very time consuming cake.

The cake itself is Red Velvet with                                                                         Cookie Dough filling; a favourite of                                                                     mine and most of my classmates.

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Commission: Two-Tiered Black Anniversary Cake

Two-Tiered Black Anniversary Cake.

I was asked to make a two-tiered anniversary Cake with a black and red colour scheme and two requested designs pained on the top tier.

For this design I covered the cakeboard in fondant and then airbrushed the edges black. I also used the airbrush on the plate where I drew the designs on, since I was too afraid to paint right onto the cake.

The cake itself is covered in black                                                                        fondant and decorated with red                                                                            fondant roses and rose pedals. The                                                                        6" top tier is red velvet cake filled                                                                        with white chocolae ganache and the                                                                    10" bottom tier is chocolate cake                                                                          filled with cookie dough.

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Commission: Three-tiered Wedding Cake

Three tiered wedding cake with marzipan roses going up the side.

I was given the job of baking this wedding cake in July last year after woo-ing the bride to-be with different cakes (listed under Wedding Cakes) and this was my first time doing a cake with more than one tier. 

The idea was to have marzipan roses in different shades from white to red going up one side of the cake and have the middle tier decorated with some nice vine-like piping. Let's just say a lots of things did not work out the way I wanted them to...


The interior of the cake was also planned to detail. I wanted to make every tier different.

The top tier with 6'' inches was a chocolate sponge cake filled with pink coloured whipped cream. The following tier, 10'' inch, was top layer chocolate sponge and bottom layer vanilla sponge cake with a pattern alternating the pink whipped cream and some dark chocolate ganache filling and the bottom layer, 14'' inch, was vanilla sponge coloured a light pink, filled with dark chocolate ganache. 

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Gum Paste Pedals:

Cake covered with gum paste pedals in different shades of pink.

The cake is a marble cake decorated with gum paste pedals in three different colours and iced in pink whipped cream.

This was supposed to be a cake for the summer festival my school hosts every year, but due to a heavy rainstorm the festival was cancelled. This was very disappointing, because making so many pedals per hand took me quite a few hours....

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